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The Southern California Pro-Life Association is committed to protecting and advocating for the right to life. We strive to deliver messages on the dangerous act of abortion through effective education and activism. We believe every person is a gift from God and deserves to have the gracious gift of life.

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URGENT! Urge your Congressperson and Senators to REPEAL the FACE act!

11 Years in Prison for Praying and Singing at an abortion clinic?

In May of 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) Act into law. It prohibits physical obstruction, intimidation, or physical harm to anyone receiving an abortion.

Peaceful, pro-life protestors have been convicted for singing and praying at an abortion clinic by the Department of Justice, which has been weaponized by the Biden administration. They are currently facing up to 11 years in prison. This is a completely unjust and unfair sentence.

Contact your Congressperson and Senators and urge them to support Chip Roy's House bill, H.R. 5577 in order to repeal the FACE act.

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Abortion is the practice of the murdering of an innocent preborn baby during any trimester of a pregnancy.

 Various forms of abortion include suction Aspiration Abortion (suction of preborn baby in uterus), Dilation and Evacuation (dilation of cervix w/ use of a clamp to disassemble the baby), and Induction Abortion (Late-Term Abortion @ 25 weeks), which involves a dose of digoxin (causes cardiac arrest for the baby and causes contractions), which results in the delivery of the baby. Other forms of abortion include chemical abortion, which uses Mifepristone and Misoprostol that cuts off necessary nutrients to the baby, which leads to the death of an unborn baby

Abortion is an immoral practice that has killed millions of innocent lives.

Being pro-life is about protecting and defending the rights of innocent lives in the womb. Everyone deserves the opportunity of life, regardless of their age or stage of development. Every year, hundreds of thousands of unborn babies are killed by the abortion industry. Due to Roe being overturned, we have seen over 70,000 babies saved from abortions. We believe that abortion is not a solution for an unwanted pregnancy. Everyone, even inside the womb, has purpose and value.

Does being pro-life mean that I want to control women's bodies?

No. We constantly hear that "pro-lifers want to control women's bodies." or that "abortion is healthcare." Abortion is not healthcare, as pregnancy is not a disease and because healthcare has the intention to save lives. Abortion is the intentional killing of a baby in the womb. A baby in the womb is not justifiable as a woman's body. The baby resides inside of the mother's womb (and receives nutrients from the mother), but is also a valuable human being. Therefore, the baby has the unalienable right to life. Unfortunately, wicked politicians have made laws that strip innocent babies from the right to life.

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The Southern California Pro-Life Association is a non-profit organization in Southern California fighting to end the horrific act of abortion and is advocating for the right to life. We believe in cultivating a bright future of life, hope, and healing. A report by the Guttmacher Institute stated that 132,680 abortions had taken place in California (2017) (Guttmacher Institute, data.guttmacher.org). These statistics are horrifying, as California has one of most pro-abortion governors in the United States. He actively advocates for abortion access and has utilized $20 million of taxpayers' funds in order to pay for travel expenses for women in California seeking abortions.

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**Estimated amount of lives saved according to a report of 94,930 (cumulative) fewer abortions in the United States due to abortion restrictions, by the Society of Family Planning.

*A report by the Guttmacher Institute stated that 132,680 abortions had taken place in California (2017) (Guttmacher Institute, data.guttmacher.org).